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Cool DC Links:

DC Comics An okay site for very general/basic information about the heroes of the DC Universe created by the good folks at DC Comics.
 The Unofficial Green Arrow Compendium by Scott McCullar An outstanding site on the Green Arrow. Created by the former player of the Green Arrow on Zero Hour Scott McCullar!
 Yahoo! Entertainment:Comics and Animation:Comic Books If you can't find it Yahoo it. Need more info on a character you'll probably find it here.
 Codex An interesting site created by James Enelow, one of Zero Hour's players. A personal website with a variety of different links.

The GCPD Homepage  Still under construction, but some nice pictures, and brief backgrounds of some of Gotham's Finest.

Zero Hour Player Pages

Many of these great websites also include Roleplay logs from the game.
Black Canary's Homepage: A webpage dedicated to Dinah Lance of course.
Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins: Webpage dedicated to the the current DCU leader of the JSA. His ZH self is a bit different, but he's still cool!
Dolphin: Zero Hour's own aquatic superchick.
Green Arrow: A nice little page dedicated to Oliver Queen.

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