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Game Information

Before applying to Zero Hour, it's important to understand the setting of the game. Zero Hour is a stat-free MUX which is set in the DC comics universe. For more information on how MUXes operate, look at the MUX Information Page


The bulk of the action on Zero Hour MUX takes place in three cities -- New York City, Gotham City, and Metropolis. Very few other areas are built, because of the focus of RP in those three cities.

 Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Joker... They're all characters on the MUX. By applying for a character, you are accepting an "acting" role within the DC Universe, where you get to interact with all of these characters. STAR Labs and LexCorp are the major corporations. The world is the DC Universe. If you have questions about that, I suggest going to our Links Page, where we have many links to information on the DCU.

Continuity & Timeline

The game breaks from the comic book timeline just after the major DC crossover "Zero Hour: Crisis in Time." All of the #0 issues which were part of that crossover are part of continuity, as are the "Year One" annuals which followed it up and recounted the origins of characters. The following timeline provides some general information about the history of the DCU.
Time Event or Origin
15 Billion Years Ago The Big Bang
5 Billion Years Ago Life Emerges on Earth
4 Billion & 400 Thousand Years Ago Renegade Maltusian Krona links past and future together, releasing entropy into universe.
Guardians of the Universe, Controllers
3 Billion Years Ago Manhunters
2.5 Billion Years Ago Oan race splits along gender lines, females evolving into Zamarons.
100 Thousand Years Ago Homo Magi, Immortal Man/Vandal Savage
Birth of Atlantis, First woman killed by male aggression
50 Thousand Years Ago Atlantis sinks
500 B.C. Dr. Mist
1200 B.C. Amazon race born
Roman Empire Golden Gladiator
6th Century Camelot: Arthur, Merlin, Etrigan, Silent Knight, Shining Knight
964 A.D. Viking Prince
Late 1700s - Early 1800s Tomahawk, Uncle Sam, Hawk (Son of Tomahawk), Firehair,
Max Mercury, Daily Planet founded (1826)
Mid- to Late 1800s Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, Nighthawk, Don Caballero, El Diablo, Johnny Thunder, Madame .44,
Trigger Twins, Matt Savage, Scalphunter
World War I Balloon Buster, Enemy Ace
1919 Morpheus imprisoned
1935 Dr. Occult
1938 Golden Age of Heroes Begins: Flash (Jay Garrick), Crimson Avenger
1939 Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Sandman, Steel, Hawkman, Blackhawk,
Doll Man, Jim Corrigan becomes Spectre
1940 Johnny Thunder, Hourman, Atom, Dr. Fate, Scarab
Justice Society of America forms
1941 Starman, Dr. Mid-Night, Fury, Star-Spangled Kid & Stripes, Vigilante,
Shining Knight, Johnny Quick, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, Liberty Belle,
Robotman, Tarantula, Sandy, Firebrand, Freedom Fighters, Law's Legionnaires
1942 Guardian & Newsboy Legion, Amazing-Man, Neptune Perkins,
World War II began -- All-Star Squadron formed
1946 Krypton explodes: Kal-El rocketed to earth
1949 Black Canary I
1953 The Justice Society of America disbands. First heroic age ends.
1961 J'onn J'onzz accidentally teleported to earth
1963 Kal-El's ship lands near Smallville
1966 Captain Comet
1971 Bruce Wayne's parents killed. Project Atom begins. Wonder Woman's clay form given life by the gods
1981 Clark Kent leaves Smallville for Metropolis, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Sea Devils, Alec Holland becomes Swamp Thing
1983 Metal Men, Metamorpho, Challengers of the Unknown, Deadman
1985 Oliver Queen stranded on deserted island
1986 New Heroic Age begins: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Black Canary II, Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman, Joker. Manhunter from Mars goes public. Adam Strange teleports to Rann. Katar Hol exiles on Thanagar. Triumph makes debut (then vanishes). JLA forms
1987 The Atom (Ray Palmer), Kid Flash, Elongated Man, JSA re-forms, Doom Patrol "dies", Creeper, Hawk & Dove, New Gods reappear on Earth, Cadmus Project begins, Zatanna, Aqualad
1988 Robin, Plastic Man, Eclipso freed, Etrigan reappears, Wonder Girl, Deathstroke
1989 Teen Titans form, Manhunter (Paul Kirk) resurrected, John Stewart becomes reserve Green Lantern
1990 Power Girl, Shade, Rose & Thorn, Black Lightning
1991 Batgirl, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Blue Devil, Firestorm, Fire & Ice, Captain Atom emerges from quantum field, New Titans, Infinity, Inc., Omega Men
1992 Outsiders form, Robin becomes Nightwing, Crisis on Infinite Earths
Barry Allen, Aquagirl, & Supergirl die. Wally West becomes Flash. Guy Gardner activated as Green Lantern. JSA goes to Limbo. Dr. Light, the Question, Vigilante, Captain Marvel. Wonder Woman comes to man's world.
1993 Legends. Maxwell Lord reforms Justice League. Jason Todd becomes Robin. Barbara Gordon crippled by Joker. The Huntress, Suicide Squad, Checkmate
Millenium. Guardians depart, GL Corps disbands. Controllers expand Darkstars. Red Rockets form. Jason Todd killed by Joker. Lobo comes to Earth.
1994 Invasion. L.E.G.I.O.N., Valor, Starman (Will Payton). Rip Hunter cracks time barrier
1995 Tim Drake becomes Robin. Hawkman & Hawkwoman arrive from Thanagar. Guardians return; GL Corps reinstated. War of the Gods. The Ray, Ragman, Team Titans, Armageddon, Thunderbolt. JSA returns from Limbo. Darkstar Colos comes to Earth. Linear Men revealed.
1996 Superman killed by Doomsday, later revived. Superboy, Steel, The Eradicator, Cyborg. Jean Paul Valley becomes Azrael. Speedy becomes Arsenal. Parasites attack Earth, creating new heroes: Loose Cannon, Anima, Gunfire. Azrael assumes identity of Batman. Coast City destroyed. Hal Jordan destroys Guardians, GL Corps & main power battery. Kyle Rayner becomes Green Lantern. Damage. Outsiders re-form. Lex Luthor II nearly destroys Metropolis. Guy Gardner becomes Warrior. Donna Troy becomes Darkstar.
Zero Hour: Original Hourman, Atom & Dr. Mid-nite die. JSA retires. Impulse arrives from future. Triumph returns from the void. Flash joins with Speed Force and returns. R.E.B.E.L.S. formed. 
Zero Hour MUX goes IC
1997 Warrior's bar opens. Connor Hawke becomes Night Hunter. Black Canary and Oracle team up. Teen Titans re-form under Atom. JLA disbands, reforms, then disbands again. Poseidonis rises to the surface.
1998 JLA re-forms again under Martian Manhunter. Cassie becomes Wonder Girl.
Darkseid's Invasion
1999 T.M.S. aka Tomorrow's Magnificent Seven, is formed. Zero Hour's Young Justice type team.  The JSA returns.


Logs are RP sessions which are saved by those who participate, to be read over later. At present we are having each
player character on the game keep their own personal logs and post them. Later we may post more public logs, here, but we shall see.

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